7 Inch Kara Vol. 2

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Tackle big adventure with larger than life friendships!

In a supply room closet. In an abandoned shed. At the base of an old Spanish Oak. Lilliputians are everywhere if you know how to look for the signs. Sometimes, if your heart is open, you might even befriend one.

"A pleasing new installment to a charming series"

—Kirkus Reviews

“A charming story that will make you hope to find tiny friends in the summertime. Becca's characters bubble with joy and affection."

—Jerzy Drozd, co-author of SCIENCE COMICS: ROCKETS

7” Kara is a story of family and friendship, following the adventures of tiny Lilliputian Kara as she explores the larger outside world. Sheltered her entire life, Kara longed for adventure but found more than she bargained for when she met a human teenager and her pet kitten. Told in graphic novel format, 7” Kara is an ongoing comic series sure to delight readers old and young!

Kara and Naomi begin a tentative and unusual friendship over shared loneliness and a fondness for gregarious black kittens. Despite their differences, the two girls bond over art supplies, cups of tea, and comic books. Kara learns how to ride a kitten, and the two girls devise a way to communicate across long distances. But life isn’t all tea parties and glitter—Kara’s parents are preparing to move out into the wilderness, and Kara isn’t ready to give up everything she’s ever known. Summer is drawing to a close, and big changes and new places are in store for Naomi, too. Can Naomi and Kara find a way to stay friends?

Volume 2 includes a gallery of beautiful guest art as well as a step by step guide on how 7” Kara was made!

“Hillburn paints exactly the kind of miniature world I loved reading about as a kid, or heck, even as an adult! As Kara and Naomi navigate their differences (and not just in size), it's a good reminder that we all have things to teach and things to learn from those around us.”

—Zack Giallongo, creator of STAR WARS DOODLES and BROXO

Readers will relish the quiet wonders of the Lilliputian way of life. As the curious Kara leads us on a discovery of her tiny world, we can all find new joy in the small pleasures of the ordinary. 7 Inch Kara is a beautifully spun tale of friendship and adventure, and a must read for Ghibli lovers and fans of Anne of Green Gables.

—Kate Rhodes & Jen Xu

  • A Kindle edition (with panel navigation) and PDF version of the second volume of 7" Kara.

  • Length
  • A Kindle edition (with panel navigation) and PDF version of the second volume of 7" Kara.
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7 Inch Kara Vol. 2

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