Mini-comic Compilation

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Mini-comic Compilation

0 ratings
  • Ahoy (8 pages)
  • Alcohol-based Marker Showdown (20 pages)
  • Ashcan 2011 (46 pages)
  • Chat (6 pages)
  • Five Stages of Comics (2 pages)
  • Foiled (11 pages)
  • From Earth to Saturn (6 pages)
  • Hourly Comics (3 pages)
  • In the Dark (4 pages)
  • Japan Trip Sketchbook (30 pages)
  • Momotaro (8 pages)
  • Satelitte (3 pages)
  • Text Image Interdependence (2 pages)
  • Real Tree Comic (1 page)

Ahoy is an 8-page minicomic I created with traditional media (tech pens, Bristol) and lettered with Blambot's Anime Ace. It features a little boy who dreams of a fantastic vacation adventure in 6"x6" format.

Alcohol-based Marker Showdown is a handy summary of the very popular alcohol based marker reviews posted on Nattosoup's Blog in 2013. Perfect for easy reference, this full color photo quality book includes a photo of the marker reviewed, a description of the marker including information about the manufacturing brand, the marker itself, and the marker's compatibility with Copic markers, and a scan of the test page. This test page includes:

  • Test swatches of marker over several popular inking implements
  • Blend ability of marker
  • Compatibility with Copic markers
  • Swatches with comparable Copic colors

This review book is the perfect companion to your marker collection, and an excellent resource if you're looking for affordable alternatives to Copic Markers.

Full color, 20 pages, 16 markers reviewed.

Five Stages of Comics is a parody of the five stages of grief and was created to be included in FLUKE's 2012 anthology. Bristol was used with a Fude ink pen to construct this traditional comic.

Foiled is the first twelve pages of an alternative superhero story. These pages were drawn using traditional media- technical pen on Bristol paper, and lettered in Photoshop with the font Letteromatic by Blambot.

From Earth to Saturn is a series of six autobiographical strips written from the perspective of an alien girl investigating Earth for the first time. Multi-liner on Bristol, toned with Copic warm grey markers.

In the Dark is a short comic created to fulfill a project requirement given in a Hand Lettering Class. The project was to design a comic that functioned with at least two pages entirely in the dark, requiring the hand-lettering (two 'character' alphabets and a sound effect) to stand alone. The project was assigned at an inopportune time (the same weekend as New York Comic Con) and so my nights were spent in a damp hotel room hunched over a wobbly lapboard hand-lettering and inking. The toning was done using Copic markers, and for this technique to succeed, it requires me to use no correctional fluid, as Copic ink does not work properly over such fluids. This technique has forced me to not only improve my inking abilities (I have to get it right on the first pass), but to stop nitpicking unnecessarily.

Japan Trip Sketchbook was compiled in 2011 when I went with the SCAD Sequential Art Department for their two week trip to Tokyo. We spent our time sightseeing, shopping, and of course sketching. Collected in this self published ashcan are a few of my favorite sketches.

Momotaro is a retelling of the classic Japanese fairytale, this version of Momotaro is set in Occupied Japan, and follows the lives of a couple who've lost their son to the war. Completed after a visit to Japan, Momotaro was inked on Bristol board and is a silent comic.

Satellite is a traditionally created comic which was included in the 2011 SCAD Sequential Art Anthology.

Text-Image Interdependence Strips, the concepts were harder than I had expected they would be.

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